Zilliqa and WEYU Collaborate To Increase Web3 Adoption

WEYU, a multi-chain NFT platform, has merged with Zilliqa. Zilliqa will strive to provide customers from both sides. It will provide simple access to an ecosystem fueled by NFTs and continual comprehensive expansion. It will be under the recently created collaboration between the two. The combination benefits both Zilliqa and WEYU greatly.

WEYU provides Zilliqa with an NFT powerhouse. Whereas WEYO develops a higher number of producers for the platform through an NFT producing tool called YU Launch. Developers created YU Launch exclusively for use on the Zilliqa network. By collaborating, Zilliqa and WEYU hope to allow artists to create a digital asset in a matter of minutes.

Sandra Helou, Zilliqa’s Head of Metaverse & NFTs, stated that the platform’s collaboration with WEYU will attract more people into the ecosystem and metaverse. He said both partners eventually promoted NFT adoption by making them more accessible to companies and individuals via a no-code solution.

Sandra Helou highlights the significance of the integration. He stated that multi-chain integration was one method for layer one blockchains to gain more interoperability. It also allows creators to reach a bigger audience by displaying their work in the marketplace for trade and collection. Individually, Zilliqa and WEYU play various roles.

Developers, for example, use Zilliqa to build a sustainable and secure platform for decentralized apps. WEYU, on the other side, drives NFT ecosystem acceptance and access.

However, with integration, both achieve the ideal balance of allowing people to produce, access, and manage their digital assets. Many businesses are looking to Web3 since it will usher in a new era of access to opportunities that did not previously exist on the internet. Zilliqa’s integration with WEYU is an excellent illustration of how far businesses may go in exploring the potential of Web3 and promoting its widespread use.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate broad adoption with a plan to capitalize on their collective capabilities. The collaboration will allow new and seasoned creators to produce and manage their digital assets on the platform without worrying about the complexity required.

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