Voyager Digital Launches USDC Linked Debit Card Linked

Voyager Digital is a digital app that is currently in talks to launch a debit card. The more interesting fact is that it will link itself to the USDC. Moreover, the executive of Voyager Digital has said that the USDC-linked debit card will pay as high as 9% in annual rewards to its users. However, one has to be eligible to take advantage of the card. For starters, one gas to maintain the USDC holdings of at least $100. In addition to that, the app will spend the bonus payment to the user every month. However, the USDC holders will get the amount in a lump sum on the yearly basis.

The sources close to the executives have said that the app will deposit the USDC payment into the users’ Voyager accounts based on average monthly balances. According to close sources, the user base of the app has about 2.7 million registered users. It has recently surpassed 1 million in funded accounts.

Let’s go through details about the Voyager Loyalty Program

Voyager Loyalty Program

Voyager Digital has disclosed that the members of the app can take advantage of the program. Moreover, they will earn even more perks. The perk can be as high as 10.5% on USDC. Although it may depend on the membership level in question.

The credit cardwhich the USDC enabled has tapped into the Metropolitan Commercial Bank. It is a New York-based full-service commercial bank. Moreover, the executives have decided to be its issuing partner. In addition to this, the payments data systems platform Usio will manage and process the card.

Now That We Know About the Program, Let us Understand the USDC Card Development

The CEO of Voyager Digital has shed light on the USDC card development. Steve Ehrlich who is the founder of Voyager Digital weighed in on the development. In an interview, Ehrlich stated that linking the card with a USD coin will appeal to prospects. As opposed to BTC or ETH, it seems to be one of the driving forces and beneficial.

He has started such a method keeping in mind the company’s target consumer base. Moreover, he focused on making it have a transactional approach. Ehrlich has also claimed that many of the users are looking forward to holding crypto. Moreover, they lean on doing it as opposed to trading or transacting it.

It is because they view digital currencies as a long-term prospect with the potential to produce more value. Hence, those who are patient with them can benefit from it. According to the CEO, the “crypto for all is how we like to portray ourselves.”

Furthermore, the founder has stated that the app will launch a similar product in Europe as well. Although we may expect it to get released sooner rather than later. However, for now, the company will commit to focusing on the USDC card. They will implement the USDC debit card on a domestic level. Right now, it has just marked the soil of the US. Earlier this year in August, the app also acquired Coinify. It is a crypto payment company. They got it for $84 million.

Characteristics Of the Voyager Mastercard

The Voyager MasterCard will allow cardholders to instantly spend their crypto assets easily. Moreover, they will allow the user to seamlessly and automatically change the USDC to fiat currency. As a result, this will help them to transact on the MasterCard network. Apart from this, some other features are as follows.

  • One would not need to spend any annual fees.
  • You need not worry about locking up to earn rewards. You will get it irrespective of it.
  • The annual rewards will go up to 9% on all ISDC holdings of $100 or even more.
  • The annual reward will be paid monthly. So, it signifies that the USDC holder will receive crypto back in their Voyager accounts.
  • The monthly payment will vary depending on the average monthly balance.
  • The system has seamless integration of debit card balances and transactions within the Voyager app.
  • The users will get a personal routing and account number for direct payment. The pay includes deposit payment, bill pay for each card.
  • One can easily access the assets using ATMs.
  • Moreover, there is an additional reward. The reward totals up to 10.5% annually on USDC. However, it will only be eligible for Voyager Loyalty Program members. In addition, it will vary on the tier as well as the additional crypto back on debit card purchas