Shiba Inu Integrates The Metaverse’s Third Floor for

Shiba Inu has announced a collaboration with TTF (The Third Floor) to develop and build the future The Metaverse Project. As the largest visualization studio, TTF has contributed to creating various IPs in television, AR/VR, location-based entertainment, and video games. The Third Floor has 17 years of market experience and several notable partnerships internationally.

It comprises numerous Hollywood designers and filmmakers, and the business has created several stories and visual worlds on various scales. TTF has collaborated with MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) programs, films, Star Wars, and other prominent commercial video games.

TTF emerged as the best choice for Shiba Inu because of its extensive skills and experience. We will use its narrative and visual development talents to create and define the project’s visual design. Aside from that, the project will gather landmarks and buildings to elicit a Shiba-inspired realm. Simultaneously, it will create a marketplace where people may learn about final environment production.

TTF boosts its speedy prototyping with creative iteration and real-time processing in Unreal Engine. It also generates appearances and ideas based on notions created in 3D prototypes. The Third Floor’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dane Smith, discussed working with Shiba Inu. According to Smith, The Third Floor (TTF) has always been pleased to collaborate with several notable features from the gaming, television, and film industries.

The Metaverse allows the firm to participate in an intuitive world-building experience. Everyone is eager to join the Shiba Inu team to realize their goal. ShibArmy proposes a creative virtual world. TTF will employ all of its skills and experience to provide people with the finest digital environment. The combination will garner huge success with both businesses’ popularity and market significance.

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