Privacy Policy

We, at CoinzPress, honor your privacy. Hence, this policy will save private and non-personal data. Note that we gather the data from our client via our website. 

Our policy explains the variety of data we have compiled about the visitors to our websites. Moreover, it also explains how we use the “said” data. We also have clarified the measures we have taken to protect the info. Moreover, you can contact us for any issues related to our privacy practices

Information We Get


When you open our site, our system gets info about your use of our website. It uses an automated method that includes web server logs, cookies. Moreover, the ways also include JavaScript and other similar technologies.

The data we get or you give us with the mobile device may include the pages visited. Moreover, it may also include the time of visit, time spent on each page, citing site details, etc. To some extent, we may gather data on browser language, network location, IP address, scroll depth, communication with widgets. 

Personal Data

As it happens, we may also gather your personal information. However, we gather it only when you provide it willingly. Such info is your name and email. Note that without your consent, we will not gather such data. 

When you give us data regarding yourself, you will agree to our usage of your private information to our Privacy Policy. So, when you put such data, you agree and accept that such intimate info may get used. 

Additional Information

On a timely basis, we always store the right to get data about any legal entities that come through our website. Also, we may get information about their legal entity’s website. Moreover, it may include the name of the entity, contact information, and the name of the country. 

How do We Get The Information from You?

We may get your details from four sides only if you submit the details to us freely. So, you have the power to refuse us to gather the data regarding your identity. Moreover, we will acquire non-personal data whenever you engage with our website. 

What are The Ways We Use The Information We Amass?

We use your non-personal information for the following uses:

  • To prevent us from facing any unfair advertisement. 
  • We evaluate the number of visitors that engage with our website
  • Moreover, we use it to improve the content of our website. Also, with it, we customize the layout of the pages. 
  • We also wish to cover the details you request from us. 

So, each time you give us the data personally, we collect it. Sectors that we may use the data you provide are wide. Although the sector is not only limited to it. It may include sending messages. 

Sending feedback, and commenting on articles as well as interactive forms are some of them. If you give us your email, we will provide you with promotions. Moreover, you may get noticed about the operations of the website. 

With it, we also charter the right to reveal your identity to any third party. We may give it to anyone who declares that any of your content is violent to any intellectual property rights. So, you will accept that we may part with as well as carry out your information.