Mogul Debuts First NFT Animated Series, Expands Hollywood Metaverse

NFTs are still making news, with the entertainment industry benefiting the most. NFTs also have frequently connected with crypto art, gifs, short movies, and other digital material. Mogul Productions, a DeFi and NFT marketplace platform, solves this shortcoming by launching the Mogies, the first-ever NFT cartoon series.

Mogies are a collection of 1,923 NFTs based on the last 100 years of Hollywood characters and personalities. They aim to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the erection of the Hollywood sign. The Mogies will be a component of the forthcoming Mogieland metaverse, presently in the works.

NFT Animated Series from The Simpsons Creators

Erick Tran and his team at CHAVVO Companies produced Mogies. CHAVVO Studios is an award-winning full-service transmedia production firm that has worked with major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Universal, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Animation, Cartoon Network, FOX, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and EA. The crew has created many animated masterpieces, including The Simpsons, The Simpsons Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Inc., and others.

Mogul DeFi for movies

Mogul’s animated NFTs offer an intriguing metaverse tale. Mogies are aliens who live off of entertainment. They are also related to Hollywood icons from the previous century, engaging within Mogieland via fascinating experiences. They might be action heroes, villains, talk show hosts, children’s characters, warriors, princesses, or other Hollywood figures.

Some Mogies have angel wings, indicating that the figures they represent are no longer alive. There are also several rarity tiers, with the top 23 NFTs in Tier 1 receiving a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Several characters from the collection are already a part of the Mogies Series, a first in the NFT sector.

Additional episodes will feature other Mogies. Mogie owners will maintain the IP rights to their Hollywood-inspired NFT characters once the animated series is released. Users will own a piece of the TV show, and a special “thank you” will appear in the credits after each episode.

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Mogieland Metaverse

Aside from the animated series, all NFTs will be part of the Mogieland Metaverse, influenced by typical Hollywood landmarks such as Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Hills. Here are some of the things that NFT holders will be able to accomplish in the open metaverse:

  1. Own land.
  2. Attend movie premieres and red carpet events with their Mogies.
  3. Interact with filmmakers and entertainers and gain behind-the-scenes access.
  4. You can use STARS tokens to purchase movie tickets.
  5. Chat and have fun with other VR fans in virtual reality (VR) locations.
  6. Meet the cinematic stars of the Mogul ecosystem.

The Mogieland metaverse is open to everybody. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the walkaround atmosphere, but only exclusive NFT holders will be able to act as the cinema’s STARS and enjoy unique experiences and benefits. As Mogul Productions expands its already-expanding ecosystem, Mogie owners will reap additional benefits, including being among the first to benefit from new features.

To secure the survival of the metaverse and the Mogies ecosystem, half of all 7.5 percent will use secondary market royalties to finance the project’s expansion. In addition, 10% of all future prizes from the Mogies animated series, wearables, collectibles, or figure lines will be delivered to Mogie NFT holders as rewards quarterly. Mogul is the best example of how blockchain can transform the movie and entertainment industry through DeFi and NFTs.

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