Discord Owner Drops Hints To Merge Ethereum Wallet

The co-founder and CEO of Discord have dropped explicit hints that they may soon merge with Ethereum wallet. Jason Citron, the co-founder of Discord hinted that the loved social networking app could soon add Ethereum. Today we will cover everything about the occurrences. 

What Has Happened?

In one tweet on Monday, Citron allegedly posted a screenshot. The snaps had the relation tab of the Discord setting page. Moreover, it showed the option of merging with Ethereum. So, that made every user of Discord jump up and down in joy.

He posted the picture with the caption, “probably nothing”. Although the snap also drops hints of the option to connect to the wallet MetaMask and chain-agnostic Wallet Connect. So, it will allow the users to add Ethereum to their Discord accounts.

A little earlier, these integrations were not available on the Discord app. So, you can be sure that this feature will be added in the near future. Moreover, it also hints that the feature is still in development. 

He posted the screenshot in response to a report from Packu McCormick. He was examining Discord’s evolution into the social media giant. It has 150 million users and $130 million in monthly revenue.

What are The People Saying? 

McCormick dubbed Discord as the “web3 sleeper,”. In other words, it means that it has the power to create an impact on the wide user base with cryptocurrency as its focus. Hence, Discord can focus on digital money-based projects and people. 

He also pointed out that the Crypto community in the app includes Axie Infinity AXS. It has 800,000 members. There is also a Solana with 86,000 members. Moreover, there is a group called Bored Ape Yacht Club with 69,000 members.

Discord is not just the ultimate social media company that will benefit from digital currency. Earlier, many platforms started taking benefits as well. Apps like Twitter have also started testing bitcoin. 

Ending note

Currently, Ethereum is trading at $4,786.61. Hence it is gaining just 0.47% in the last 24 hours. So it will have a positive effect on Discord.

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