CryptoCat Token (CCAT) Listed on The Whitebit Crypto Exchange

WhiteBIT’s trading platform now supports CryptoCat Token (CCAT). With the listing of the token on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency market, the project has attained a significant milestone. Trading costs are to be minimal, and users should be able to get tokens safely.

About CCAT

The design of CryptoCat Coin (CCAT) is to support the growth of Smart Crypto Cities. It is the asset that underpins all facets of a Smart Crypto City’s monetization. With the advancement of Smart Crypto Cities, CryptoCat Token is a one-of-a-kind blockchain solution for offering products and services.

CryptoCat Token is the Global Leader and Innovator in the area of blockchain technology and Smart Crypto Cities. It has a skilled staff seeking to make a difference. The CryptoCat Coin (CCAT) helps in the building of Smart Crypto Cities.

This asset helps in the monetization of all parts of a Smart Crypto city. When seen through the lens of Smart Crypto Cities, CryptoCat is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based system for distributing goods and services.

The coin was designed using the OT-OCN paradigm. All other crypto assets now available on the market, save CCAT, are ineligible for usage in a Smart Crypto City, according to CCAT’s creators.

About WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT is a cryptocurrency-to-dollar exchange with more than 150 trading pairings. They have a European Exchange and Custody licence and claim to follow all KYC and AML regulations. The exchange claims to have over 300,000 members and operates in over 190 countries. They claim that 96 per cent of their crypto assets are in cold storage. Additionally, they use WAF, 2FA, and anti-phishing technologies to keep customers and their crypto safe.

One can make a deposit using a variety of methods, including Visa and MasterCard. In fact, for individuals operating with a modest quantity of money, WhiteBIT provides inexpensive trading fees. They offer quick deposits, withdrawals, and order book execution.

Despite the fact that WhiteBIT is a worldwide platform, its major concentration has been on the European and CIS markets.

WhiteBIT added margin trading to their platform in July 2020. Hence, making them the first in the CIS market to provide a sophisticated margin trading terminal. Although it only enabled X5 leverage upon launch, this terminal claims to give up to X25 leverage in the future.

WhiteBIT also provides a referral programme and gives staking.

In press releases, WhiteBIT claims to have a staff of 100 crypto professionals. However, its website’s team page only lists three members: the CEO, CFO, and CMO.

WhiteBIT was one of only two centralised exchanges supporting SafeMoon as of mid-April 2021. SafeMoon is a new coin that has sparked a lot of curiosity. Users interested in purchasing the coin can do so through WhiteBIT, BitMart, or PancakeSwap.

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