Coinrule Review: The Trading Solution That Provides Top-Notch Services

Are you a cryptocurrency trader? Well, if you are eager to know about an automated crypto trading solution that will also be affordable for you to use, you can look into Coinrule. They are currently aiming to be the “Lego toolbox” for both technical and non-technical. Needless to say, this will simplify the entire process and allow anyone to make the most use of their trading opportunities. 

So in this regard, we can say Coinrule is just the answer and solution you were looking for. In fact, the platform opens up a world of new trading possibilities for crypto traders. They use it to deal with more limited trading interfaces. Therefore, Coinrule allows users to select several set strategies that can be back-tested before deployment. 

Furthermore, you can have more experienced traders who can construct their own unique strategies. Therefore, all traders can actively engage in the always-open crypto market and trade 24/7. So would you like to know more about how this Coinrule will help you in your business? Let us have a look!

Some Important Aspects About Coinrule

Since you are going through this blog, it is evident that you want to know about Coinrule in detail. Well, this is currently one of the popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading solutions. So let us discuss some of the significant aspects of this platform.

So the platform supports popular exchanges, including Binance, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken. Moreover, you can also access it for free using a Starter account. Now let us discuss some of the historical aspects of this platform. 

Trace The Origin of the Coinrule Platform

So before we venture into the details of Coinrule, let us trace its origin. Coinrule crypto trading company was founded in march 2018 by current CEO Gabriele Musella and COO Oleg Gilberstein. In fact, they had also incorporated in the UK. Also, Coinrule retains an office at Level 32, 1 Ropemaker St. Citypoint, London EC2 9AW. This is in addition to its registered office address at Fisher Close Flat 6, 2 Fisher Close, London, England. 

So you can understand why people still consider Coinrule an emerging trading solution. Well, this is because they are in the process of developing its community and growing as a cryptocurrency trading solution. There are very few companies in recent times that have achieved this status. Moreover, Coinrule allows its users to automate their trading to maximize profit. Also, this is to accumulate coins and incorporate standard trading options.

At the same time, you can use Coinrule from any supported web browser and connect to over ten leading crypto exchanges. You can do this through API key connections with Binance, BitMEX, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and a few others. Now let us have a look at some of the key features of Coinrule and why you can trust them readily.

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What Makes Coinrule Stand Out from Others?

Coinrule Stand Out from Others

So if you are considering opting for a popular trading solution like Coinrule, you must wonder what makes it unique among others. Well, this is because of the following reasons. Let us discuss them here.

1. Functionality

This is one of the reasons why people prefer using this trading solution for business purposes. It is because Coinrule operates as a web-based solution. In fact, the team has also opted for a clean, simplistic design that appeals to traders of all levels. 

Moreover, the platform allows users to deploy trading “rules” without knowing or using any code. So why not opt for it?

2. Wide Range of Tools

As we earlier mentioned, there are quite a few reasons people opt for Coinrule trading solutions. This is one of them. Well, this platform is very user-friendly. They have a configuration system that works through a simple “If/Then” prompts. 

In fact, popular trading strategies such as stop-loss, take profit and buy. Moreover, you can use the dip/breakout to make the most of contrarian, maximization, and accumulation methods. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

3. Hi-Tech Technology

Coinrule works through API integrations with over ten supported exchanges, as we mentioned earlier. In fact, the team highlights that they sent all the orders to the market with minimum latency time. 

Generally, they take around 500 milliseconds to rea