Can Cardano Become The Third Biggest Cryptocurrency?

Despite the flawless ascent of emerging altcoins, traders and investors from the coin market are never far from major cryptos. The notable ones have maintained their position in the industry while maintaining market share. Any news about top-tier blockchains causes a stir in the market, which has its own set of ramifications for the market mood.

Cardano has been gaining popularity recently, and the network’s development endeavours have been critical in propelling it to the top of the trend list. Cardano has always been the protocol that has given the fundamentals value. This distinguishes it from the flurry of numerical surges. In terms of developmental activity, the project has recently topped the list. Muesli Swap, on the other hand, has gone live.

Cardano’s Rebellion Against Ethereum’s Killers?

Since the Alonzo Hardfork update, Cardano has been absent from the game for a few months. While the sun was shining, a number of other protocols made hay and emerged as possible Ethereum killers. The development activities, on the other hand, appear to be paying off, since Cardano is now the talk of the town.

According to a slew of updates, Cardano has been the front runner in the most developed crypto on Github for 2021. On the blockchain, over 140,000 development activities have been recorded. Ethereum, on the other hand, has scripted slightly over 100k developmental tasks.

With NFTs, the procedure has made significant progress. As a result, Emurgo has stated that it will sponsor and appear at the CNFT awards as a result of this. The event will honour the rapidly expanding creative community. As reported by CoinPedia, Emurgo has previously declared its ambitions to buy Infinity Blockchain Group’s commercial section, in order to improve interoperability.

Cardano has a lot more in store!

Charles Hoskinson previously stated that there are around 127 projects in the development pipeline. This has inspired confidence among savvy individuals who have been waiting for the projects implementation. The creator of IOHK anticipates a ten-fold increase in user numbers from the existing 2 million.

The layer-2 solution for the protocol Hydra, like Ouroboros, has captured the attention of blockchain experts. Cardano’s Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) will also allow users to delegate their holdings on a platform and get incentives. Muesli Swap launched on January 2nd, with a TVL of $875.95k, accounting for 100% of the Cardano DeFi ecosystem. The community was stunned when Muesli Swap went live before Sundae Swap.


For the rest of the year, the blockchain will receive a slew of improvements. Cardano’s Basho and Voltaire periods will have the majority of the vote. The blockchain will gain scalability and governance as a result of this. The protocol’s environmental project, in collaboration with Veritree, provides ammunition. This provides Cardano with an advantage over his competitors. Hopefully, Cardano will rise to battle Ethereum’s killers in the near future.

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