Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin continues to change the way currency works. It is why many are nowadays loving towards BTC whenever the thought of investment comes up. With the increasing Bitcoin price, it is natural that people are curious how high it can go. However, before we share with you the value of the currency. 

Let’s cover the basics. Bitcoin is a de-central digital currency. Although it originally came in a 2008 whitepaper by someone using an alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. However, they launched it around 2009. To dig deeper, it is a peer-to-peer currency that operates faster and is more efficient. 

Today We Will Shift Our Focus On Bitcoin Price Live. So Without Further Ado, Let’s See What The Market Is Saying…

Bitcoin Overview

Ticker SymbolBTC
Price Change 24h-2.01%
Price Change 7d+23.39%
Market cap$1,012,705,876,778
Circulating Supply18,837,706 BTC
Trading Volume$35,630,942,752
All time high$64,863.10
All time low$65.53
Bitcoin ROI+39675.78%

The Bitcoin Price Live for today is USD 47,422.40. Moreover, it has a 24-hour trading volume of USD 41,35,16,89,410. Currently, bitcoin is up 10.41% in the last twenty-four hours. Moreover, it has safely marked the numero Uno live market cap of USD 8,93,03,67,37,751. If you are wondering about the circulating supply, then it is at 1,88,31,537 BTC coins while the maximum supply is at 2,10,00,000 BTC coins.

Let’s Understand Bitcoin In A Better And Simple Way

As we have already discovered, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that someone holding an alias of Satoshi Nakamoto described in a 2008 whitepaper. One year after that, the same person had launched it. It is a peer-to-peer online currency. 

In other words, all the transactions that take place between the equal, free network participants will take place without any intermediary. Hence, no one needs to facilitate or give permits to them for the transaction. Although some similar concepts of electronic currency go far before BTC. However, bitcoin takes the cake to become a hit. 

The Founders of Bitcoin

The Founders of Bitcoin

The original inventor of bitcoin uses a pseudonym. They go by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. As of currently, we still do not know the true identity of the organization or the person behind it. On October 31st of 2008, Nakamoto had published a whitepaper in which he described the function of bitcoin. 

They said that they would use a decentral ledger of transactions in batches. These we know as blocks. Moreover, the cryptographic algorithms will secure the said blocks. They dubbed the whole system as Blockchain. After two months, Nakamoto managed to mine the first block on the Bitcoin Network. 

This we know as the Genesis block. So, as a result, they launched the world’s first cryptocurrency. Although the credit for inventing bitcoin goes to Nakamoto. One has to admit that many individuals have contributed to improving the features of the software. 

As it happens, Bitcoin’s source code repository on GitHub has listed more than 750 contributors. Some of the key people are Wladimir J. van der Laan, Pieter Wuille, Marco Falke, Gavin Andresen, Jonas Schnelli, and others.

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What Makes Bitcoin Stand