Bee Coin Mining: Crypto Mining for Free!

Bee Network International presents a simple and quick method of bee coin mining, and that too, for free. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want free cryptocurrency on their phone? Miners can use the Bee Network app for bee coin mining daily. Let us now examine how this free bee coin mining promotes people to join the Bee Network.

What exactly is the Bee Network?

Bee Network is a new blockchain gaming programme where players can undertake bee coins mining activities, an altcoin on their mobile devices. Bee Network participants, for instance, may receive incentives in Bees by using the Bee Network app. These are the Miners (M), Referrers (R), and Verifiers (V).

The Bee Network was founded by a huge group of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In truth, the concept was inspired by the invention of Bitcoin. Its concept, likewise, works on making blockchain and cryptocurrencies accessible to the general public. If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can get Bee and get all of its financial perks.

The online game is aiming to establish a network of authentic individuals to make the Bee Network and Bee tokens useful in the future. In actuality, after Bee is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and the Bee marketplace launches, the public will become more aware of its utility.

Roles in the Bee Network

The Bee Network participants typically perform three roles to provide an exciting and meaningful game:

1. Miner

In essence, every player on the Bee Network is a miner. Those who successfully join the app will be able to undertake bee coin mining at a certain base rate. When the app was first released in August, the mining rate was set at 1.6 bees per hour. Miners may automatically accumulate their Bee tokens by entering the app every 24 hours and pressing the mining icon. Miners can also increase their earnings by recommending new users and growing their earning team.

2. Referrer

When you suggest new miners to your earning team, you are officially a Referrer. As a referral benefit, you will receive an additional 25% basic rate for each active member on your team. Furthermore, the Bee Network app will recognise active users if they check in for mining daily.

You must remind your team members to log in daily as a Referrer. Not only will they earn additional Bee tokens, but you will profit from their bee coin mining activities as well. Furthermore, there are no referral restrictions. You can absolutely build a sales team of more than 100 people and see how profitable it can be in the long run.

3. Verifier

Verifiers are the people who check the identification of Bee Network users. As a result, they must confirm if they know the individual they are confirming and whether they believe that person to be ethical and honest. You may earn an additional 0.2 bee per hour for each confirmed miner on your team. Verified miners can be added to your security circle. However, to use Bee tokens in the Bee Marketplace, verified users must provide know-your-customer (KYC) papers.

Bee coin mining Session on the Bee Network

Players can do bee coin mining regularly using the Bee Network App. The number of miners in a user’s earning team determines the mining rate. Whereas, the number of active miners in a user’s earning team determines the mining rewards.

Each mining session, in particular, lasts 24 hours. As a result, to continue mining the Bee Network crypto coin, you must check-in and hit the mining button regularly.

Mining Rate

  • You will earn Bee tokens automatically in the following ways:
  • Base Rate + (Base Rate multiplied by 25%) x Number of Active Miners in Your Earning Team

Let’s divide it into three parts:

The starting rate is set at 1.6 bees per hour. However, depending on the increase of the user population, this will be lowered to 50%.

The referral incentive is calculated as the base rate multiplied by 25% for miners who bring new members to the Bee Network. It is then multiplied by the number of active miners in your earning team. Keep in mind that if your referee is not actively mining, your mining rewards will suffer as well.

Bee coin mining rewards and Halving

The Bee Network business model is founded on the following principles:

  • When 1 billion users are reached, the new supply of Bee is zero.
  • Those who join earlier should receive higher benefits than those who join later.
  • Users who contribute more to the community should be rewarded more generously.
  • The core development team should be rewarded and recognised as well.
  • The total supply of Bee is determined by the number of consumers.

With this in mind, the base rate is slated to be cut by half four times. It will be determined by the size of the Bee Network community. At the time of writing, the base rate had already been cut in half for the first time.

Less than 100k users1.6 Bee/hour (completed)
100,000 to 1 million0.8 Bee/ hour
1 million to 10 million0.4 Bee/hour
10 million to 100 million0.2 Bee/hour
100 million to 1 billion0.1 Bee/hour
More than 1 billion users0