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Coinzpress is one of the trusted cryptocurrency, event as well as information service sites. Hence, we look forward to giving our readers data on blockchain technology and overall digital assets. Moreover, it is an entirely independent platform. Through our platform, we will cover topics on the blockchain, digital currency, and decentralized applications. However, our reach of content is not only limited to this. Because we will share with you much other crypto information from the next generation web.

Apart from sharing with you the much-needed advice regarding blockchain technology, we also provide space for publication and advertising. 

We welcome blockchain events, News Tips, Crypto guides, Press Release, information on crypto startups, and tracking tools as well. We aim to keep you updated by sharing with you the latest crypto trends, the regular blockchain, and the much-needed bitcoin updates.

Our Editorial Policy

We only put those in jobs with skill, knowledge, and experience. Hence, they hold the capacity to cover a large array of sectors related to digital currency markets. Moreover, they can cover topics on the blockchain ecosystem as well. To know more about our policy, you must contact us. 

To work with us, you need to send us your writing portfolio.


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Furthermore, every investment and trading involves a certain amount of risk. Hence, you must always conduct your research before making any decision. Moreover, we advise against investing money that you cannot afford to lose.